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Covington, GA

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Know Your Assets' True Worth with Our Help

Value your asset and know how much it’s worth with our help. From farm land to historical property – we've got 23 years of experience providing superior appraisal services in Covington.

Getting Appraisals Has Never Been This Easy

Appraising your property with Real Estate Appraiser is no longer needs to be a daunting experience. Count on our friendly and professional staff to make the process as simple and easy as possible.

Planning on selling your property? Count on us to provide an opinion of value for selling purposes. Schedule an appointment with us today for real estate appaisals; call us at 770-787-8442

Appraising Historic Houses

We strive to provide accurate and reliable appraisals for every property as a Real Estate Appraiser. No matter what your circumstances are, Nancy Mills Independent Appraisal is always here to help whenever you need us.



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